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Mixed Posture (Free verse) by Blindpoetry
I'm reaking And I'm reaking And I'm reaking Right before your eyes I'm watching the can of beans Fall off the counter Sugar, I lust Beats, I run from I'm gonna go Go far away from here Calling this place home Won't mean the same meaning As it did once Once, when it was in the open skies Free, free from the dark But still suffering The effects of happiness destroyed Crawling from a pit of fire Ashes are my clothes Washing my jeans In muddy water Calling home 'My happy place' Watching the news Seeing the racists Call home There Klan Fighting for The match to end But I started it To scared to kill him Call me crazy I am just one One freak Pealing the apple Red apples Washing them with soap Pealing the label off Stentch reaks with horror If I find your fork on my spoon I'll wash it for you But it will now be mine To keep, forever and ever Deeply, madly, in love - With you.

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