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Nature Of The Day (Free verse) by impert&ent
This Sunday, after being banned from Safeway For unnecessarily distracting the guard I went home and unnecessarily impugned my girlfriend Who gave me what for and left me with the dog’s dinner. So I called upon the angels to explain the difference Between a circus pony and a circus pony trainer. Are they both people? I asked The angels said yes. The ponies are persons too. Especially because they are doing what does not come naturally. Unlike humans, whose nature is to modify. Whether it be themselves, the animals, the planet. Thus, the modified pony is a person-in-becoming. The angels know this because they are called upon to modify the human Unlike any animal that ever existed. No beaver ever trained Daniel Boone No Trigger ever hitched together a team of people and made them play Scrabble for profit. But the angels? What is their nature? They call, and cajole, and blind us in one eye so that we will look with the other. They tell us our names and our fates and they make funny singing noises down the telephone lines. Sometimes the dogs hear this and bark for no apparent reason. Which is natural for a dog hearing an angel. And me? I’m calling it a day. February 29th. A Frankenstein of moments. A day cobbled together from fragments of the last four years. A day that’s not right, nor wholly wrong. What is the nature of the day?

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