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Crucify Spuna with a Forknostle (Free verse) by SupremeDreamer
- [Spunations 10:6] {Scribed by the Screamers feather spencil} Rock and roll plays in the background of our crystal wasteland; eleven Spunostles pray in mystic tongue to Spuna around Spunalicious- the divine jeweled hooka while cursing American society, hip-hop, and white jews with baggy pants singin "la vida loca". - "The melting pot long ago eliminated the concept of identity or culture-- was better when Indians smoked peace pipes in ceremonial body paint around a fire in the open plains dancing to the wily coyote and the shaggy buffalo..." [St. Flowerchild, 8th Spunostle of Spuna] - The sacred banner hung above our black halo'd heads "Spuna doesn't expect you to say grace!" while we all drank from the Bloody Grail to help swallow the flesh from a sacrificial werewolf. - "Now some would expect me to announce that a traitor sits amongst us-- but gold doesn't sparkle quite like meth blessed by the Spunoly Messiah, and I feel that humanity should forgive itself without a fuckin Roman Crucifixion..." [St. Fork, The Chosen Messiah of Spuna] - After the last supper we suddenly realized that we foolishly forgot the inevitable munchies-- So St. Incubus decided to call our feast "The Sacred Sunday Appetizer" We even burnt a statue of Mary to sanctify the birth of this heretical rite. - "We shouldn't have wasted money on that stupid painter who made us sit on one side of the table-- anyway, we already had innumerous resurrections; that's how we created the Spunombie Crusaders and our Covert Spunpires..." [St. Screamer, 5th Spunostle of Spuna] - After that we thought of making a bible but then discovered that we used all our paper in an excess of herbal Spuna rituals... - "Alas my Spusciples finally have an excuse to film everything and enrich their souls with the misspent money of America!" [Lord Spoon, The Almighty Spuna] - With the spirit of Spoon in our hearts and the smell of Tuna upon our souls we pave the way to Holy Spunisian Fields... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {Spunian Warriors Explained} __________________________________ ||Spunombies: Spunified Zombies. || ||Spunpires : Spunified Vampires. || ----------------------------------- ================================================================= Dedicated to Horus & Lisa-- May the werewolves take over the world with the Songs of Spuna!! =================================================================

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