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Crazy about you (Free verse) by nicole081083
I don't know what to do I'm going crazy inside Who do I turn to if not you Is there someone with whom I can confide Oh I would give anything to kiss your beautiful lips To feel your lips pressed gently upon mine And I would do anything to feel the touch of your finger tips Sometimes when you look at me I get chills up and down my spine Oh if only I could hold you in my arms I'd promise never to hurt you Or cause you any harm And when you're sad and blue For you my heart aches You're an angel or at least that's how you sing Sometimes my breath you do take There's nothing I don't like about you, not a thing I want to run my fingers through your short brown hair And gaze into your gorgeous green and brown eyes Forgive me if sometimes I seem to stare Just thinking about you give me butterflies I'm afraid to tell you how I really feel I know nothing can ever come from this But these feelings inside me are real So all I can do is dream and wish

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