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Infatuation (Free verse) by noonewantstobealone
This isn't a poem, it's just something that I have to put somewhere. He stares at me. I don’t know who he is, but I can feel his gaze follow me as I walk past him. His deep golden eyes draw me in. I can feel the heat radiating from him. I try to hide it, but I know he can see the effect he has on me. He can see it in my eyes, the lust, the desire, the infatuation. Being around him fills me with incredible feelings; feelings that I have never experienced before. He brings out the intensity and the yearning that I have kept concealed for years. When I look at him I only know one thing. I know that I want him more than anything I have ever wanted. He is constantly on my mind, filling me with so much longing that I feel like I am about to pass out. My entire body is screaming his name. I no longer eat or sleep, all I can do is think about him and try to understand what he’s thinking. He becomes a part of me. I am consumed by him.

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