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The hypocrisy of calling it tolerance (Free verse) by impert&ent
As an exercise in fostering tolerance, And showing how it’s done “A Los Angeles-based Jewish group devoted to fostering tolerance said that the EU should be excluded from the Middle East peace process.† With no sense of irony. Whatsoever. "Anti-Semitism is deeply embedded within European society,” Said Marvin, with as much tolerance as he could manage. “More now than in any other period since the end of World War Two." But what I want to know, Marvin, is How deeply embedded are your views of Europeans? Are they more deeply embedded Than at any time since the assassination of Rabin? "We do not recognize that man as a bishop," said Stanley While outside the arena, a small band of protesters holding "God Hates Fags" signs Demonstrated the NEW meaning of tolerance. With no sense of Christian love. Whatsoever. Perhaps Marvin is right, Perhaps he knows what a European is, As Europeans demonstrate their intolerance of others, By recognising gay clergy, By insisting that peace be equable, By refusing to make sweeping generalisations about ethnic groups or nations. With a deeply embedded sense of no regret Whatsoever.

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