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the space between (Free verse) by impert&ent
Gary Windo autographed my NRBQ bumper sticker. He liked the little diorama I’d made in the back window. Plastic figurines, labels and explanatory notes in a little tableaux. It was at the Joyous Lake. I haven’t looked at an I Ching since before the internet was invented. But now I want to. Where are my coins, my random counters? I want to see six lines. Broken, open to the heavens. Broken, upon this earth. Solid, the earth itself. Open, the future. Closed, the present. Open, the past. Hexagram 40 Hands remove the horn from an ox bodkins useful for untangling knots solving a problem Things are about to change. Gary passed away some time ago. I am ready to hand over one of these rings. Sigh... .

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