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My Nieghborhood(2) (Free verse) by thepinkbunnyofdoom
There across the street from my front yard Live a 3 hookers and a retard They all have their reasons for what they do Let me reveal them to you Marley does it just for the cash So that she doesn’t run out of her stash Superficial and as shallow as a white girl can be That doesn’t seem to matter tho cause she has a double D Josie does it for the sex without the wasted romance She’s not pretty and loves the thought of a man trying to get into her pants Her daddy used to beat her and left her a series of scars That’s why she isn’t working in a nudie bar Tonya does it to support her son She does what must be done Her husband took off when the doctors found That little Tommie’s syndrome was down Tommie can’t comprehend that the world is perilous Even this quiet neighborhood can be dangerous He always brings me a sense of cheer The smiling boy who knows no fear Even tho they are always high in demand There is always one of them close at hand Cause they watch out for one another Its almost like Tommie has 3 mothers

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