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All Cause Of You (Free verse) by trina_marie_73
I miss you and your tender touch Oh god, how can I miss you this much? I thought we had love I thought it would last But now I look back on it…. A waste of my past I’ve done so much wrong All cause of you The things I’ve done What I said I would never do Are all mistakes! All cause I loved you I wanted you to love me As much as I loved you I wanted it so much I gave all my trust to you You see all this pain All the heartache Left me without a clue And yes mothafucker it was all ‘cause of you!

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xxx68.166.37.1850June 23, 2005 8:01 AM PDT
the indign128.46.136.2114March 29, 2004 10:36 AM PST
Anonymous24.126.113.1545April 16, 2003 7:44 PM PDT

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