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Life (Free verse) by trina_marie_73
Sometimes I feel like giving up, And giving in I just want to close my eyes, And let the end begin As hard as I try It seems I’ll never win The line between life and death Is getting very thin Respect for myself I have none As for the past What’s done is done All I have to say is It wasn’t fun I made a lot of mistakes And all of the pain I felt I’ve turned to hate I can't wait any longer I’ll create my own fate An ocean of pain Is what I’m in! I think of the past And my head starts to spin Tears run down my face Like it did many times before And I start to wonder What am I here for? I think of what I’ve had And I want so much more! But then I stop and think of what I’ve got And all the good memories None of them have gone I think of all the small things And the times I’ve won I think of all the fun And the laughs I’ve had You see if you think of the good in life Not only the bad You realize someone’s life is worse Another ones more sad So live life to it’s fullest And enjoy it while you can Cause one day it’ll all end And that’ll be that!

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