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Nutty (Free verse) by Bacchus
"...each of these techniques tends to undermine the other persons confidence in his own emotional reactions and his own preception of reality." 1. Repeatedly call attention to the areas of the personality of which the other is dimly aware. These areas are quite at variance with the kind of person that the other person considers himself to be. 2. Provoke or stimulate the other person sexually in situations in which it would be disasterous for the other person to respond or seek gratification. 3. Simultaneously expose the other person to stimulation and frustration, or to rapidly alternating stimulation and frustration. 4. Relate to the other person simultaneously at unrelated levels (ie sexually and intellectually). 5. Switch from one emotional wavelength to another while on the same topic (being 'serious' and then being 'funny' about the same thing). 6. Switch from one topic to the next while maintaining the same emotional wavelength (e.g. a matter of life and death is discussed in the same manner as the most trivial happening). (Addendum: for true schizogenesis, the victim needs to be punished for whatever response he gives you by further insanity-provoking communication, preferably in a social context from which he has no escape. If all else fails, just ask the victim, "Why don't you like/love me?" using a hurt voice)

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