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Amongst (Free verse) by jsab78
So amongst the whispering stones of this place you call reality, So amongst the roaring tides and heckling sea, So amongst the cackling of onlooking trees, So that's where you found me, Lost amongst this world gone wild is what you said that day, Not true. It's you. This land is your disgrace. Not me. Not them. Not all who attend this meeting of the minds. So amongst the rubble and the rythms, This you shall never find, Not I. Not you. Not us dancing on white beds of clouds or patting our faces with dew drops. No smiles or tears. We walk and pretend that we have no fear. Look upon all that we destroyed and more. With jagged razors and difficult words, We disgrace ourselves. We ruin our world. So amongst the piles of rubble and wasted human flesh, So amongst the mothers crying, So amongst our ignorance towards death, Not I. Rejoice begin amongst one single soul. Reborn again in children as we pray to grow old. Not you. So amongst this creature we made to abolish all creation, Not us. Destruction is a figment of our imagination.

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