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Gather round children I'll tell you a story About two Jedi lovers in all their glory Who fell in love at a Star Wars convention A love like theirs was a new invention Not found in any literary books It wasn't love based on purely looks It was a blossom ripe in a warm heart But a vicious tyrant would their them apart At the Stars wars convention in TIWACCA One girl came as Leia, the boy Chewbacca. They met each other at the Darth Vader stand And they walked away hand in each others hand And when the girl was drinking her soda The boy called "wanna see my yoda?" The girl store him back a repungnant look And the boy said back "My Yoda comic book!" But soon they were at it night and day And soon their love gave them away. For a nasty man was in love with the girl "Why has the boy got what I deserve!" "She should stay at home and work fast And when I come back open her arse" So the nasty man, who we shall call Mr Man Formed a cold, calculated and devious plan. "I will tear them apart" cried Mr Man "By spreading a lie, that he's a Star Trek fan!" And when this got out the relationship came to end "How could you lie, you were my boyfriend!" But thoughout of favour the love never died Not broken up by those cold hearted lies When the boy found out who was to blame He challenged Mr Man to a monopoly game "But I am a businessman, and I could win even true" "But this is the Star Wars version, boo hoo to you" They engaged in a fierce and bloody battle of wits Then Mr Man almost broke into an one of those fits "I lied i cheated to steal the fair girl yeah I cooked and I cleaned and I never even layed her" Then he looked up with a thoughtful stare "You belong together, that's only fair" If I saw the world in a broken glass I would realise time runs by too fast If you find the one then keep her for life Turn her into your nagging, lovely wife. Love conquers all, but love is blind. That is the message of these happy times. But what happened to the girl and the boy Well they had a baby, who they called Roy. But his middle names were Luke and Skywalker A hero in the end but not much of a talker. And every night the boy saves a prayer And to his new lady wife, "Wanna play with my lightsaber?"

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