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Beauty vs the beast (Free verse) by UAFANTHORPEY
My hideous face with scars burning on the surface and warts erupting out of my demented skin Cannot be fixed by make-up or by cosmetics or by the human touch. Your beautiful face with perfect eyes shining on the surface and red lips raging the fire within Cannot be improved not atall not ever not even. But my face hides a beautiful soul. With heart, happiness and joy. When I am gleeful it is real And I can show how real it is By smiling; and yes I will always smile. My disfigured body hides blood, bones and frailty. Your body hides nothing. You have no soul, no heart no bones. You show all you have but none of what you are. Your beautiful face has nothing else. They'll take you for your body And they'll leave you after that. I do not wear a mask to cover my inperfections. But you do! Every morning you spend hours With that lotion for your face With that shampoo for your hair With all the make-up to cover the faults. Beautiful it is but it is forced beauty. It is in the eye of the beholder And I dare say you hate yourself more than I do. You put on the cream to hide the wrinkles of ageing. But your still ageing. You'll still die, wont you? There is no cream for that, is there? And It doesn't matter what you look like When your gone. Because you'll never come back. Who is beauty here? Well I may be ugly but people always come back Do they for you? So don't ever insult me again. Take your jewellery Take your covered up face Take the fake sense of beauty Take away the forced power And come back.. WHEN YOUR REAL! LIKE ME!

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