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Ode to my mentor (Free verse) by UAFANTHORPEY
The school bell rang two and i left Just an hour off school it was to me That's all I felt, a social gathering. This wasn't real, you were still alive because you were indestructable Unbreakable. My father carried your coffin down the aisle What a big man you were, that you should still be. A service begins in your name and it becomes real. Real men crying lonely tears sobbing into hankies singing in half murmered tones. I do too, because i'll never see you again and i never saw you much to begin with But you were always there You survived a war, a stroke and torture. But you were always laughing as loud as anyone ever did, because you could still. "the world is beautiful" you told me, snuffling about in your large, leather shoes. You drew people in that sketchbook of yours You found their greatest moments and honed them in with delicate brushstrokes. A talent you passed on, but not to me. As I walked up to your grave I saw your face one last time you were smiling. In the midst of a seizure you had grinned. You were free now from the world to a place wher you belong. Where you need not search for beauty, it'll always be there. And i can't pop in to say hello, one day i may be able to, i hope so. I layed a rose at your graveside and said goodbye And I felt guilty i'd never really introduced myself. But I was not worthy of you; I'll never fill those large, leather shoes!

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