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January (Free verse) by greym0on
January says I can dance if I want to. Dance in the snow That began in the cold November. I'll be seventeen. And you'll be down here with me. At least, you'll know how I feel, dear. Doesn't it get cold when you're walking alone? But, January says I can dance if I want to. January says I'm getting old much to early. And these eyes are beginning to see like a grandfather's: a grandfather I never had. I'll be seventeen- With my hands in my pockets And fog from my mouth. Taking tiny steps as to not slip on the ice- My only concern being if I got mail today. But, January says I can dance if I want to. January says that my heart is too heavy. A ton of emotions weighing me down. When she leaves, it will be more difficult to get what I want. And when he loves, I can only take so much- but I can never tell him to leave. But, when I am alone, I can tiptoe in the snow and let these tears freeze to my skin, throw my arms above my head- and let it go...go...go... It's cold in the wintertime. Cold like crystals. I may be alone, to let the December wind pass right through me. But, January says I can dance if I want to. 1994

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