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A Song Of Waking (Lyric) by PsydewaysTears
What voices sing "Here comes the Spring!"? Whose wispy chatter, tart and gay, awakens each and everything? Who fills this breath with day? The birds! The birds! They're ringing through these ears like angels singing to the putti in the gut of me, the ravels in the fray! I'd know this language in my sleep! I'd speak direct to God if He should send forth from His keep a zillion birds to come to me! So dazzle me! Unravel me! I'll sink as I rise up! With feathers on my eyelids I will spill my sturdy cup for the weightless everlasting, for the firmaments of May! For the birds! For the birds! For this delicious breath of day.

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Dovina127.0.0.18June 3, 2022 12:33 PM PDT

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