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Firewoman (Free verse) by Richard
The heat of your breath sears my flesh Awakening painful hunger And I have not the might to resist you For so paltry would the attempt be rendered Nor do I wish to summon the strength The might that would be necessary to flee from you For such a chase would already be lost ere it started. I feel your heartbeat against my flesh And my nerves are cauterized by so brief a contact And I attempt, without the desire, to escape you Knowing- That any resistance I might bring to bear would be insignificant It would be a dry blade of grass sacrificed to a wildfire Destroyed instantly by the kiss of your flames Devoured in the instance of your touch and worse- Your passion could and possibly would consume me whole An inferno destroying every essence of myself Leaving a hollow shell in your aftermath And were I to submit, could you, would you- Still hold me dear? Or would you burn me and leave but ash in your wake Discarding the brief memories of our passion It is a choice that some fear to face And yet others fail to know that they’ve ever received it But for me you are a searing temptation That resisted could save my soul Or fulfilled destroy it If I could but just welcome your intimate heat within myself Never doubting the outcome- I would But in that moment of touch, I fear that my heart, my soul, and my body Would never be my own again A compelling desire to sacrifice myself to you In hopes of eliciting the briefest compliment Or the briefest of touch bestowed Or is it a shallow fear I harbor, That in the moment of touch our souls burn together, Forging something everlasting? A flame too bright to envision for fear of blindness Heat so strong to melt the coldest of winter It is in that moment of indecision that I dwell But I think on the one certainty I know, Already you have scorched a piece of my heart…

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