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Mystic Castle (Other) by Jessina
The rustic hills caught my eyes Majestically residing down the skies Foretelling a legend of its golden times Of a mystic castle built on its cliffy climbs Silent was the castle with a hanging bell Other than the soft murmur of a nearby stream I opened the latch and drift in a spell Felt I were in a world of an enchanting dream Breathtakingly I climbed the lofty stairs Made of lime stone so smooth and fine Leading to a marble chamber of royal chairs Once reign by a noble knight so divine A rustle I heard and a gentle sigh In awe I turned my head with a cry Of a vision of charming knight in his gleaming armor Waltzing with his lovely maiden in his arms Maiden draped in silky satin gown Gazing deep into the eyes of her knight Her splendor surpassed the shine of his exquisite crown With zeal he clasped her with all his might A feast for my eyes and silently there I stood Reflecting my granny’s tales so true Glancing sun peeped through the depth of the grey wood Gently kissing the marble floor with its hue Of beauty, youth and war Their ageless love was much whispered with cheer Even in the distant highlands so far A love so pure and rare

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Skamper124.187.100.880April 20, 2014 1:26 AM PDT

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