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Untitled (Free verse) by Starsigh
Designer suits, shirts and ties, Italian shoes, But who am I? hair slicked back, Silver bling, My bullshit's tainted everything, A pen of gold from which here I wrote, My silver tongue can make me choke, Every moment this falseness threads A strand I now take out of the web, That twists and turns then weaves and rhymes, A dancers dance thats danced through time, And now I AM, I'm underlined, No more time can I see or find, I change the forever when I change my mind between here and then I'm completely blind behind each and every human face a master of time, a master of space. All I have and only this, Behind my eyes, The Life IT IS! There is no house I call my home, No one I love or call my own, The sky's my roof, the earth my floor, My eyes' the window, My heart's the door, I give my heart into the world, The door is gone, My spirit uncurled, with passers by I share my tears, Love-laughter-life, and all my fears, I see no strangers as I walk around, The sky's my roof, my floor's the ground, No one I love or can call my own, So with my love I'm all alone, As I walk in love with me's and you's I'll dance to jazz and sing the blues.

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Anonymous193.62.43.110October 5, 2009 8:11 AM PDT

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