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To Fidel Castro @ 83 (Free verse) by daggatolar
To Fidel Castro @ 83 I Fighting Insidiously for the Dictate of Equality and Liberty II Fidel, For a new generation Let me ask What is the breeding creed for change In an age Where revolution is no more textual Than a visual means for the mind To seek new ways T o the same old game of gambling For more earnings in one’s own individual pocket? Fidel How is it that the Revolution Can only be a question Of skin deep or light To have one who wears The colour of an X-slave Calling the shots in the master house Will the stars now sprinkle less heat And allow Cuban sugar to freely trade Or would Miami now go less busy On accounts of citizens with dual nationality Who party in wait for your death How they think everything is you Even with Raul now in the saddle. III Life remains ever accidental Cannot your type being anew Is it that life has become a prisoner Of dialectics unlocked To service Only outside history 50 years on The rest of us are late comers Conditions are changing But not in the colour of blood To undeny Darwin In recognition of the human will To live in want How can these be a new rule to live by Fidel… The friends from Miami Backed by the full weight of the US machine Dole out doses of daily Dozens of sabotage snatched Down to distort the revolution Every direction The raids, the Escapades Of canoes load of human cargoes To such the sparks of the stars For a new life ashore Only to woo family members With the luring scent of Dollarbills To hook more innocent Cubans To embrace the creed Of unequal existence For some others and the rest of us We can go to Hell Without a thought Of how Capital comes about In their new theory of boom Only for the meltdown To rush them back to study The dumped and so called outdated Pages of Marx - “Capitalism is doomed to a cyclic crises” The cup is not passing OVER The poor cannot go on Being with us The Revolution must be made Try, they cannot unwrite HAVANA..1959 Even with their pigs at our Bay We marched on in advance Awaiting the Revolution In other land to come to the aid of Cuba IV To the scarcity of want in abundance From the abundance of want How do we reach the new frontiers And abode there permanently If we don’t enrich our mind anew Power alone can not How many have come and gone Trodding the same path And every new time Behind the back And against the Bolshevism of 1917 Revolution suffered isolation Only to have Stalin hack For us all a new doctrine ‘Socialism in one country’ The guns in an upswing Momentarily fed all full The victory of a state of our own Made all sacrifice possible Against even the worst of odds Illusion mounted a castle The future was appropriated Forever in the present A caste freed from the Burden of making a Revolution Can only in turn enemy in practice All serious attempt In china, Germany, Spain The list is endless All through 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s To authenticate their Self preservationist theory -‘We shall not rock any Other Boat and just let us be in Moscow’ This philosophy gave Chang Kai-shek Kuomintang the go ahead April 12 1927 to commence Shanghai massacre of workers This is the making of Mao The armed man Against the classic read Of workers’ resurrection Drowned in blood And from there down It is being down down Revolution it seems Is only possible by the armed man What other testimony China 1949 V Fidel… What did you and others Risk life and all for For power and office Can anyone be blind to the reforms But Che hops on To Congo, Algeria, Bolivia In exploit of the armed man theory And today his face is a brand On shirts and tennis shoes Worn by boys and girls alike In the neo-colonial world Who cannot spell Revolution Even in their own lost mother tongue 50 years on… Tell us The world is still wrong Where did we go wrong The Revolution Were we wrong in making it Against the Blueprints of Marx And the letters of Lenin Or is it in the failure Of others following Our example against the Democracy Of Workers At 83 celebrating Fidel’s life The least to learn Is the consistence of Capital Unfailing to Dog US down In boom or crisis We betray the Revolution If we turn only Into ourselves Aj. Dagga Tolar

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