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A List of Names Worth Listing (Other) by SupremeDreamer
These are the ones who I feel are worthy of mentioning... Sadly though, it seems that most of them have moved on, died, perhaps quit the art with a venomous sneer? Ah, who knows... There may be some of you who should be here, but you know, drugs dont make for good memory. From Me, Assholes. --SupremeDreamer, Don-Quixote, Y2kSlamPoet, DreamerSupreme, & Shit-Crumpets ----------------------------------------------------------- NAMES LAST LOGIN DATE JOINED horus8 17-Mar-07/12:46AM 8-Jul-02/7:29PM Bachus 14-Mar-07/10:42PM 30-Jul-02/4:01AM <{Baba^Yaga}> 14-Mar-07/10:49PM 18-Aug-02/9:56AM Shardik 15-Mar-07/3:20AM 23-Jan-03/5:31AM Jeremi B. Handrinos 14-Mar-07/10:38PM 10-Jan-03/12:42AM -=Dark_Angel=-, P.I. 24-Jul-08/12:03PM 11-May-02/1:16AM thepinkbunnyofdoom 22-Dec-07/9:24PM 27-Jan-03/7:54PM INTRANSIT 29-Jul-08/11:27PM 23-Sep-02/12:14AM zodiac 5-Feb-07/5:49PM 10-Jan-04/10:55PM Bobjim 24-Mar-08/3:58PM 29-Dec-02/2:04PM OneFingerAnswer 1-Mar-06/5:28AM 10-Jul-02/1:42AM richa 23-Nov-07/8:00PM 1-Jun-02/6:00PM Tintagiles 18-Sep-06/7:31AM 28-Aug-02/9:06AM Nicholas Jones 18-Jan-08/9:27PM 18-Jul-02/5:44PM darby pyn 6-Aug-05/4:25AM 8-Sep-02/10:04PM Bill Z Bub 19-Jul-06/8:27PM 25-Nov-02/6:18PM Crakyamuni 1-Mar-08/11:35PM 14-Sep-02/5:41AM edpeterson 23-Aug-06/12:54PM 10-Apr-04/1:21PM fevriere 3-Jul-05/9:48PM 12-Jan-04/11:26AM god'swife 27-Oct-06/1:52AM 7-Aug-02/6:32PM New Life Drug 17-Jan-06/4:47AM 31-Jul-02/5:15PM razorgrin 27-Oct-04/6:27PM 19-Jun-02/11:28PM Mr Pig 3-Apr-08/6:13PM 11-Feb-03/9:56AM TanHand 24-May-06/12:58AM 7-Feb-03/8:09PM Settle 19-Aug-05/8:23PM 20-Aug-03/4:58AM ALChemy 29-Jan-08/12:19AM 4-Jun-05/1:07PM ?-Dave_Mysterious-? 26-Dec-07/6:11PM 1-Sep-03/10:51PM ==Doylum 1-Aug-07/12:07PM 18-Jul-02/1:56PM wFraser Allonby Q.C.w 8-May-07/2:03PM 28-Mar-03/2:47PM Jeremi 22-May-04/8:49AM 9-Jan-03/8:56PM poetandknowit 9-May-04/6:50AM 12-Aug-02/2:06AM francis nor capule 31-Jul-07/6:07PM 26-Mar-04/5:08PM EAger to Offend 25-Jul-08/1:47AM 21-Feb-03/5:11AM Dan garcia-Black 30-Jun-08/3:27PM 7-Nov-02/6:49AM sliver 24-Jul-08/2:36AM 12-May-02/6:35PM nentwined 23-Jul-08/3:16AM 22-May-01/4:22PM Dental Panic 22-Jul-08/8:12PM 16-May-05/9:55PM Ranger 21-Jul-08/10:06AM 21-Nov-02/9:54AM Caducus 18-Jul-08/12:58PM 11-Nov-02/2:13PM Christof 16-Jul-08/9:10AM 20-Aug-02/12:54PM ThePariahDog 11-Jul-08/10:59PM 21-Sep-03/4:42AM <~> 9-Jul-08/2:47PM 16-Jul-02/7:58PM Mullberryfairy ---------------------------------- LifeBoatMan ---------------------------------- wilco 21-Apr-08/9:43PM 18-Feb-04/4:20AM Quarton 1-Aug-07/5:13PM 29-Nov-02/5:19AM MacFrantic 25-Mar-08/6:20PM 28-Nov-03/3:29AM dvincent 30-Jul-08/12:17AM 18-Sep-06/9:35PM FreeFormFixation 29-Jul-08/8:17PM 25-Sep-03/5:11PM Kamikaze 29-Jul-08/4:30PM 26-Feb-03/3:01AM calliope 29-Jul-08/10:24AM 14-Oct-03/9:28PM skaskowski 29-Jul-08/10:14AM 1-Jul-01/4:25AM Skamper 6-Jul-08/11:28PM 22-Mar-07/9:16PM PoetryIsDead 3-Jul-08/10:17PM 6-Nov-05/1:08AM eliastemplar 3-Jul-08/7:20AM 1-Aug-03/4:05PM daggatolar 2-Jul-08/12:24AM 22-Feb-04/2:21AM Stephen Robins 12-Jun-08/3:48PM 21-Mar-03/11:08AM impert&ent 6-Jun-08/9:51AM 22-Jul-03/5:24PM nypoet22 5-Jun-08/1:52AM 8-Sep-06/10:04AM forsaken 8-May-08/4:31PM 20-Jun-03/2:42PM dclark 7-May-08/9:16PM 1-Jun-07/8:18PM A. Nomaly 29-Apr-08/4:54PM 29-Nov-02/10:05PM Sasha 27-Apr-08/10:32AM 14-Apr-04/7:38PM vulcan 23-Apr-08/5:44AM 22-Aug-02/1:34PM

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T. Jonathron Remp128.83.157.12010July 29, 2008 8:16 PM PDT

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