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EVADING THE FLESH (Free verse) by daggatolar
I How long - We who are meat Can we go on without the fork To cut the flesh into Its whole and out To make the flesh whole Run away we can To do without another body's flesh But can our body's making do without So this leaping about the lip .... of love mating only in words... Can only ill the heart to mad the mind II And when her tears clensed his feet... (if for fear of blasphemy, you cannot harzard a guess as to what happened after... after this poem, ask the poet) Her freedom from the pastsin on her flesh Holied her body ready for the holy communion And he who is most free from sin And must not sin Cannot deny another's body need of flesh To go on without sin on the body Is to sin against the holy spirit of flesh And who is out there to forgive If we cannot sin in meaning is not a sin How long we who are meat Can we go on with the fork forever

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FreeFormFixation98.212.148.584July 29, 2008 2:11 AM PDT

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