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Fallen Exhaustion (Free verse) by lukehanney
The world will rise with sleep in its eyes It will shake and create a sunless wonder From its tear-stained brow will fall mountains and clouds And the seas will rise up as an army. Through the valleys will flow a fountain of bones And the rivers will cry out for mercy And the sky will fall and the waves will pound Tearing the stoney gray flesh. The birds of the air will scream in despair As their wings turns to blankets of lead They will fall from the sky and litter the earth Their song forever silenced. And the trees of the land that stood tall in their youth Will wither and bow to the dirt And their spines will snap as their feet are torn From the starvation soil of exhaustion. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ And men stab the earth and poison her veins And curse as she bleeds out a warning And the greed of their hearts will strangle their ears And they'll die in the beds that they made.

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