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I sang myself a soft goodbye (Free verse) by PsydewaysTears
In fields of lemon-lillied lies I laid bewitched by sullen skies I dreamt a dream of flowers that knew how to never die... ...and sang myself a soft goodbye myself a soft goodbye The daring streaks of daylight stun like bullets through the leaves Awaking tiny eyelids from the land the dreaming weaves But upsy-daisies spring alive and morning dewdrops do revive the faerie laughter put on hold the stories; started, left untold I sing a made-up faerie song and snack on berries all day long I fly through bushes big and small And toadstools, I'll have bounced them all The wind will wisp my yellow hair The twigs will scratch but I won't care And then if ever people came I'd switch my shape and change my name and seem a simple yellow bird a beauty, just a bit absurd Then fly to safety, switch to me and still have time to drink some tea I sip and slurp and bluntly burp and listen to the birds that chirp I watch as clouds grow white to pink and feel my eyelids bite the brink And when that western sunset sighs I lay me down and close my eyes And in the dusk of latent glows I bleed into a yellow rose So when you sleep you'll dream of me, inviting you to be with me in worlds your world can't dream to be until you think eternally In fields of lemon-lillied lies you slept bewitched by sullen skies and dreamt a dream of flowers that knew how to never die... ...then sang yourself a soft goodbye goodbye to things that die

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