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Promise Knot (Other) by PsydewaysTears
I can promise you sleep In the havens of deep Where the cradles that fall Never fall down at all Where pillows never leave your head And all your tears are mine instead I can promise I'll be In the dreams that you dream In the hopes that you hold In your goals made of gold In all this world I promise you That I would live and breathe for you I can promise to mend Any holes that portend I'll be here to refill Parts of you that may spill And if your home's a broken dome I'll find a realm where you can roam But my promise is ice On a landslide to Hell And we all pay a price To belong where we dwell Though I promise today Though I promise you now Though I promise a promise and solemnly vow Never, no never Between eight and seven Could I ever promise forever in Heaven What God hasn't found In forever In me What love is uncertain Yet canters To be What's only a privilege To beat on To live "This heart in Forever" It's not mine To give.

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