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Unsung American Dream (Prose Poem) by SupremeDreamer
[A revision of my poem "Unsung California dreamin'." & my ] [insignificant tribute to Ginsberg, Burroughs, & Kerouac. ] I growl, beneath my breath when speaking, dictating this mind-verse & forging dreams marked by disordered euphoria radiating from methylated neuro circuits-- Spirit fired up in an emotional explosion of fury; far from being sane my reality is twisted, introverted, & entwined with a vision of barbaric decision. Anarchy as a method of action; independent thoughts & widespread disrespect for authority, characteristics inherent in the grim youth of today. The dreaded future of America, born & bred in a destitute, poverty-stricken, & fucking corrupt US of A-- teenaged minds developing in the night life of techno raves. These rhapsodic children dance oddly, with eyes consumed by XTC illusions of love; minds clouded by fallacious feelings of unity. Or, if not that, pubescent psyches wander abandoned, consigned to the tension of Americas concrete jungles; metal forests painted over with vulgar graffiti symbols, advertising the presence of unruly delinquents seduced by a plethora of mindless criminal thought.-- A generation that loyally follows their inner devils' persuasions. Embrace this rising pillar of social decay & maturing rebellion! Say hello to My America; it's polluted & smells, gripped in its moral/ethical degeneration. It's here that I prowl, expressing my distaste for faith & religion; dancing to the tune of my persistent growling & rejecting therapeutic intervention-- consumed by my thirst for the frenzy of war-like confrontation. I prowl, seeking Chaos & social turbulence, while elders face turmoil in saturnine consideration, scorning the change that hangs in the distant horizon; praying that this rogues ill-fated prophesy never comes to fruition. There'll be no doubts when my ghostly silhouette bears witness to pleading lips stiffening before resigning to an eerie-faint moan. Acknowledge what your eyes avoid & listen! Listen to my unsung dream of a new American revolution: It's a vision of pearly-white puritan skulls crumbling, bones of predators fallen prey to macabre subversion & intellectual incisions. Unable now to speak, they say nothing; the frozen image remains, subdued by the seed that gave birth to an explosion of rage & symptomatic pestilence. A collective reaction, the savage rejection which blossomed when a restless generation became aware, aware of being bred for total submission to tyrant manipulation, becoming pieces fitted to a desired function: The continued perpetuation of a social prison. A system that objects to the desire for individual freedom, seeking your complete acceptance in enduring an empty existence. The cowardly approach; inspire fear in the people, so they will allow chains to be shackled to their wrists-- chains that offer only the illusion of infallible security & protection. Mans' inevitable solution to the resulting spiritual rot: Complete brutality in carrying out the vicious crucifixion of the various government bodies/persons that were formed & chosen to ensure the performance of this American Prison. A bloody example to be carried out publicly to remind all of what happens to those who suppress the primal pull within man, & try to set limits to Chaos & Imagination. Human existence seeks disorder, action, new forms of social connection; the human mind is a thing that evolves wildly, yet clings to old forms, ancient archetypes, thoughtless instinct, & other things they consider the most profane surrender to curious abandon.

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