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MUSINGS IN THE HEART (Free verse) by daggatolar
I Cocooned in the cave of my own underworld I am crawling words on a hidden wall Marrying mathematics To poetics Can a riddle crack a nut How do you disappoint the match-makers and not Abort an appointment to Adam an apple And dear Eve is a tree of beautiful apples And the sobbing river of tears Lettering snags and memories of men only care For eating, and only keen on the woman’ kin Slitting the depth of your inner skin Can others tell a tale of love for others Outside the xchange of each other’ And not mind hurting the heart Can all alone be purpose and no art How can people become friends outside The space of love Am I still in my “shell” or outside Caging out love II Can anybody tell what is not love Yes we all can in plenty But then tell me what is love Then there is pure inanity We close up ourselves in our own world If we share one world Why do Mosquitoes Have a free reign in the Ghettoes And yet “in God we trust” is everything America is all power and dollar To make life for more in Iraq is a pillar For bombs and death is growing rich in everything And love is becomes but the burden, the slaving Kowtowing and craving For work and work Without a 7th day to rest and walk Out life to the burning fire In every human heart there are desires Held aloof by rage and false taletells This is why hell Can live only in the human heart Burning every other thing out of reach And with the same burnt lips we preach Against love for some clayheart So we spoon up hatred and rage Against the whole of life unmindful of age If we don’t deep into water How can we know the whole nature of matter And truly God is alive and living Up above and happy and jiving Love can hear otherwise But who says all most be wise And see the terrible things Happen in the household of God And truly God Or is it his name happen many other things Like every other thing love Is not pleasure outside of pain Who doesn’t like the sun is the falling rain Essence out life from love So when love cries the heart This is better than to grow a concrete jungle Of forest untendered in the cubicle Of leave ME alone and rust the heart What then is a sin Am I still not saying anything Or still in my shell Maybe you can tell

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xxx67.172.190.2530January 13, 2007 10:26 AM PST

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