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The Voyage Fate (Free verse) by terbenaw
I’ve been a traveler for many years With many seasons before me. I’ve experienced hills and valleys, coldness and heat, Yet still have not seen all. I question my choice of paths often: Should I have charged boldly To that right path at the last fork? Or crept tentatively at that left several junctions back? Perhaps I should have tried the beaten path directly center. I pass the same landmarks occasionally And I wonder: Am I lost on a circular path? Do other travelers question their choice of roads, Or do they push on, blindly seeking the cliff’s edge? Possibly, I have no choice on this road. Maybe it’s fate. Did I elect this difficult, winding road That twists and curves as a serpent, Or is there a puppeteer somewhere, Dictating my actions subliminally? If so, then... ...where are the strings?

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xxx67.172.190.2530January 16, 2007 1:40 PM PST
Anonymous86.140.98.2394February 28, 2006 4:17 AM PST

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