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His Secret in the Woods (Free verse) by TLRufener
Thunder rolls, As the sky turns grey. The lightning strikes, And the rain pours down. We take cover on a wooded path, Which we have never seen. The path is dark, And we are unsure if we should tread upon it. You walk ahead, To make sure it is safe. I follow, As birds begin singing. It is so beautiful, With the flowers and the birds. I hear the sound of running water, A brook must be near. The ground begins to crack, As the trees begin to tremble. Trees snap and fall, To the depths below. The world has split in two, Leaving us on different sides. I call and call, But you can’t hear me. A girl comes along, She takes your hand. You turn away, And wave goodbye. She was one, Of the many Secrets you never Had the heart to tell me. You left me for, That other girl. I lost my love , To his secret in the woods.

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