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Yellow Leather Innards (Other) by PsydewaysTears
Yellow leather demon Lurking deep inside my mind... Devour all the darkness And the loneliness you find. Yellow leather monster With your toothless, drooling smile... My yesterday was God's last hope (With you) tomorrow's still worthwhile. Yellow leather substance Dancing freely on my skin... Bleed your yellow teardrops Share the dreams that scream within. Yellow leather innards You're the life that kills my pain 'Cause I know the light that's rendered Never sighs or feels the rain. Yellow leather angel Lift my hopes into the sky... I'm the weight of being human You're the strands I'm hanging by. Yellow leather goddess Rock my nervous mind to sleep. The seeds that grow from sadness Are the seeds I know you'll reap. Yellow leather outfit Hug my limbs and set them free. And I'll never dare forsake you 'Long as you're still a part of me.

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