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The burden of faith (Free verse) by Bobjim
Faith can be a difficult thing, To trust in one as far above you, As you are to an ant. To pray to one who could, on a whim, Destroy you utterly, bless your works, Or ignore you entirely. And never reveal himself, But for the words of others. And then you must hold faith with these others too, Or the core of your faith would be eroded, Perhaps never to recover. You must consider the chinese whispers, For these will oft be all you hear of the miracles. The discounting of which, Could lead to the discounting of deities. You must listen to, believe in, and follow, In the teachings of all you hold as prophets, Or you detract from their holy task. And all commandments from above, Must be obeyed unerringly, Lest your soul be subject to eternal torment. Such is the burden of faith.

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