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grampa told us stories (Free verse) by elderking
giggling in childhood's elation feigning playful breathlessness the cousins spilled as one onto gramma's summer lawn to revel in sheer childishness. such shrill and chattered bravado ever impatient to have their say telling loudly whispered stories (chests puffed proudly in their glory) sharing every secret twice of this day so bravely played. the front porch cast in shadow danced a familiar lullabye of Grownups claiming long past glory (chests puffed proud with every story) "Remember when?" led countless tales to dot the cooling summer sky. cousins drifted to wander deep across daydreams to yawning sleep heroic deeds once more retold their heroes crowned in children's gold reaching out in unknown yearning to cage the moment none could keep "Well, Sir..." his voice teased them all his pause gave time for the very small to scramble to laps and hear his often told story tales of Grampa's days of glory quietly begun, Grampa's yarn was well spun; he stretched it so long at the end it stood TALL.

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