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Haze (Free verse) by thepinkbunnyofdoom
Sometimes it feels as if my eyes have just been opened After being long shut when I blink And the world around starts to shrink I have to find a purpose, a reason to be So I lose everything around me Even my name must be repeated if I'm so diminished Yet, I'll have caught your every word Stranger still, I'll have reacted without knowing The Auto-pilot is always on and my thoughts are napping Only holding me together long enough to last another minute Before blind reaction and training kick in The details are lost, for instance color The shades of these walls mean nothing to me They are merely background fodder to keep things real For this epic drama, I forgot I was standing center stage Quoting lines of scripted page To an emtpy hall of mirrors The shadows of been and done Mingle freely with the lost echos of tommorrow Yet I am here, an avatar of chaos Alone, Smart, Crafty, and Cunning Through this fog I am always running A step ahead, or two seconds in the future Waiting for you to catch up

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Vince Dolamando68.51.110.210March 8, 2005 3:20 PM PST
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Shuushin64.222.153.588January 16, 2005 6:48 AM PST

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