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No Single Tear (Free verse) by Enchantres
You You where have you gone? I remember you You were the girl with the red shoes on Your dead now I've cried Did you hear? I heard a voice Not clear enough to hear the pain Her shoes are lost in the dark All there is left are blood spots on the floor If I will follow them, will I get to see some more? Yes There she is Like an oasis Lying on the floor Crying and screaming "Mommy please no more!" Her face is turning blue and red The blood and the knife is all there is left Mom is gone and has no regret A cold and cruel person Who should be dead The girls shoes are still there Not dancing like they once did And not as white as they first were But still there.. RED Darker then ever, glancing in the moonlight "Mommy did love me she was just confused, she got mad because for once I didn't clean my shoes" Mom was drunk and got a knife 3 stabs were only needed to kill an innocent life She only should have raised her voice Now the girl is dead, has no idea Now she tells me more.. “Mommy mommy it’s so cold, haunting memories are the ones you told” I heard her whispering with a cold breeze surrounding her "I didn't want to hurt you Like you once hurt me So now I say goodbye with so single tear…"

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