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Dancing and Talking (Free verse) by steven adams
So my girlfriend and I go to this club, right? And when we get there everyone is dancing And having a blast And I ask her to dance And she looks into my eyes and says "I'm afraid to dance" And what she doesn't understand is that I'm afraid too We are sitting in the dark talking And I look over to her And she is so beautiful in the moonlight At this moment there is nothing And everything all at the same time There are so many questions I want to ask Like "How did you ever become so strong in such a delicate frame?" But I sit in silence And wonder about all the things that could hurt her And all of the things that could make her happy Where did this fire come from? Suddenly I realize that I have misunderstood her for all these years She has become strong from all the fighting Fighting against everyday and every moment And I quickly realize the true meaning of beauty

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