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Down Memory Lane (Free verse) by darylchew
A million roses strewn across the field the scent overwhelms me, as i walked into this once-familiar sanctuary. Looking up, white clouds in the blue sky. Like cotton candy, while memories of summertime come flooding back as if the great dams fell apart, unable to take the weight of time, everything comes crashing down, on me. Wind blows across my face, gently caressing- and plays with my hair, yet tactfully keeping a distance. The playground, sandcastles we used to build, with buckets and spades, tales of far-away kingdoms. We were Kings and Queens, ruling over our kingdom-- this place where we grew up, where we learnt our first time-table, where we found out that babies don' t grow on trees. Abandoned, ghostly whispering is all that's left, no more loud chattering and screams of excitement, even the birds stop chirping. Duck-haven. this exaggerated puddle, and shouts of "so cute!" still echoes in my mind. Like a broken record player- on and on and on and on and on. And on. Remember the time Tim brought Bingo to school? It chased the ducks around the school, we were all bent-over with laughter at the sight of the dog with short stubby legs, runnning, amusing us like a clown in the circus. A ring sounds, and i turn, half-expecting the ice-cream man, with a grin on his face, shouting "Ice-cream at 20 cents a stick!" Heart sinking, and with a smile still plastered on my face, I instead saw the bell of Lang Syne. Still it's ringing and ringing- out to me.

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