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Tear-Stained Pages (Free verse) by TLRufener
Tear-stained pages flutter in the breeze Skittering across the cold wood floor The window curtains hold out nothing The ceiling fan turns slowly in the darkness Shadows cloak the entire room Not a thing stirs in the silence of night Morning chimes echo through empty space Tear-stained pages fan in the wind Illuminated by a slow-rising sun An open book half unwritten lays waiting So many chapters left to be filled Too many adventures left to live Blue lines between gray words Explaining the fantasy dreams of the writer An unfinished sentence begging to end Gently waving for some attention Tear-stained pages with heartfelt phrases So many words unspoken Too many secrets left hidden away Stories of love left untold Hundreds of pages remain blank Questions unanswered and feelings unknown The writer has left imagination unbound No conclusion to the young story No final chapter or epilogue Tear-stained pages holding unsaid wishes Incomplete chapters telling a tale A broken heart scattered into the wind Nowhere left to hide No way to make the story end

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