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Unsung california dreamin. (Prose Poem) by SupremeDreamer
(An insignificant tribute to Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Kerouac.) I growl beneath my breath when speaking, dictating my turbulent universe and forging dreams marked by disordered euphoria that radiates from methylated neuro-circuits fired up in an emotional explosion of impassioned fury and, far from being sane, this reality remains twisted, introverted and entwined with my vision of savagery, of anarchy as a method of action, independent thought and widespread disrespect for authority-- characteristics inherent in the dismal youth of today-- the dreaded-eclipsed future of America, born and bred in a destitute, poverty-stricken, politically-incorrect, and corrupt US of A where teenaged minds are raised in the night life of techno-raves, as rhapsodic children dancing oddly with eyes consumed by xtc illusions of love, clouded with drunken-fallacious feelings of unity or-- if not that, their pubescent psyche is abandoned, consigned to the noon-time tension of violent urban jungles covered in graffiti symbols advertising vulgar threats that represent scattered bands of unruly delinquents seduced by a plethora of pseudo-sadistic criminal thought, and loyally following their inner devils' wicked persuasions... Welcome in this rising pillar of social decay and rebellion. Say hello to My America; it's polluted and smells of ethical-moral disarray, with a distaste for faith, religion, and therapeutic intervention, swaying in tune to my persistent growl that rouses the frenzied-warlike confrontation. Face the dreary turmoil and dwell in worrisome consideration of what the bleary-approaching horizon will bring, praying that this rogues ill-fated prophesy shant come to fruition, despite my rumbling silhouette that bears witness and causes your pleading lips to stiffen and then resign to a faint-uncontrolled, eerie-trembling moan. Acknowledge what your eyes avoided and listen to my unsung California dream of rebellion and pearly-white puritan skulls whose crumbling bones have fallen prey to macabre subversion, then say nothing-- speak silence, feed your growing pestilence, and reveal nothing of what you've heard here in profane abandon.

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