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Lunch Box Treasure Hunt (Free verse) by thing1
Placing my narrow backside on the long white speckled with black bench My pink plastic lunch box with Mickey and Minnie pasted to the front set before me atop the freshly wiped cafeteria table by my tiny kindergarten hands My eyes grow at the sight of the worn shiny metal clasp in apprehension of what Momma prepared this morning following the map of parchment paper branded on my mind I undo the clasp and open my box Regarding the road of treasure I devour a sandwich of cracker barrel cheddar cheese and wheat bread While keeping one eye on my next task a ziploc bag of green grapes I eat each grape and heed the big red arrow to my Mickey and Minnie thermos of chocolate milk Guzzling this thick smooth concoction I observe a vast X in the concavity of my box My small fingers dig through my napkins and plastic bags to reveal the object of my hunt an individually wrapped Little Debbie oatmeal creme pie I carefully uncase this childhood delicacy my tastebuds dance bringing to my face a savoring smile

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