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The Rainbow (Free verse) by TLRufener
Have you ever seen a rainbow Shedding its magic across the sky? The bright vibrant colors Dance through the clouds. Purple for the heather-flowers Who forever grow over the moor. Red for the blood of soldiers, Men who fought for this land. Orange for the fire That lit their way in the dark. Yellow for the rising sun That reflects the Leprechaun’s gold. Green for the little people Who forever protect their believers. Blue for the vast sea That holds our precious land. Thousands of years Of great tradition Carried us through Feast and famine. Then one day came When we could not stay; And the call was given To go far away. The rainbow shed Its final goodbye As the families faced change With tears in their eyes. Purple for the sky Of the setting sun. Red for potatoes That come and come. Orange for the sun Which brought our ships. Yellow for the stars That gave us hope. Green for the hills We were forced to leave. Blue for the rough waves Which carried off our heavy hearts. Tears we shed In hopes of return Left solemn marks Upon our sacred land. A new world waits Just beyond the horizon. A land of great opportunity And a new land to rely on.

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