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What ever happend to Kelly Green? (Ode) by titan69
Kelly Green was 17 She was in my class at school! She was every teenagers wet dream. She was the fittest bird i had ever seen. She was on the cover of every magazine. Her hair was blond. her tits were firm. when she walked by heads would turn. She was in my class at school. She had a number one single. She even wrote a play, that was made in to a film She was in my class at school iam going to be famous one day She would say! But as the years went by it didnt realy work out that way! She was seen late at night getting into stranges cars and dancing round poles in seedy bars. She was driven around by her stepbrother coke and heroin were now her only lover. She was in my class at school! The last time i saw her I was walking my dog in the park it was just getting dark. She wore a brown coat She was dirty her hair was unclean God! how could this be Kelly Green. " I told you i would be famous one day " She said. Two months later I read that she was dead! She was found in a factory yard. One morning by the security guard. She was all battered and scared You could just see the neadle sticking out of her arm! It was the worst thing i i have ever seen. what ever happend to Kelly Green!!! This is a true story!!

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