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Just a Blink of and Eye (Free verse) by Katrina
Looking at the world around me, Sometimes scared to open my eyes when I blink Knowing that things are changing so fast. One moment your this little girl running around in diapers in the backyard playing with the dog and getting pushed on the swingset. Next thing you know you blink your eyes and your that new girl off to a new school and your shaking because your so nervious, but once you get there you realize it may not be that bad. Then a few years later your only only a teen but you believe your all grown up and dating boys and wanting to drive cars, and stay out later to be with friends. Then once you get out on your own the one thing you want to do is become that lovely bouncy teen once again. So you can be under your parents roof again, No bills, No responsibilites. You finially realize how hard it is out there in that real world you have been trying to get out there in for so long. And you realize it is not somewhere you want to be. So everything with a blink of an eye can change so quickly. I sit here and close my eyes for one second and I open them, and something new is always happening. I am just waiting to see what is going to happen next.

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