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Sisters of mercy (Free verse) by titan69
I danced with the witches in the pail moonlight. To the sound of a screeching fiddle. I danced and danced and danced and danced. As if possessed, as if entranced. They strapped me to an altar stone. They tied me down with leather. They ripped the clothes from off my back. And covered me with heather. They rubbed my body with sensual oils, That smelt almost narcotic. Their eyes were cold as they looked at me, They walked around robotically. Then out of the rolling mist their HORNY GOD appeared. He came and drew strange sings on me and everybody cheered. The naked witches danced around, and rubbed their hands upon me. My head was spinning round and round, Then one of them slowly lowered herself on to me. Her body was immaculate, her face was old and ragged. Her long black greasy hair dangled in my face, Her firm breasts pressed hard on my chest. "oh please stop i cried" She felt all warm inside. And as her hips moved up and down, I could feel my emotions welling. She put her hands across my mouth to try and stop me yelling. Then just as i was about to....... She stuck a dagger deep into my throat. The blood pumped out in orgasmic squrts. It was collected in a golden cup. She passed it around everybody drank it up. And as my body squiggled and squirmed. She held the knife high above her head, Then thrust it down into my chest Her Hand went in and tore out my heart. GOD I NEVER FELT SO GOOD.........

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Posted: January 8, 2004 2:04 PM PST; Last modified: November 20, 2007 1:46 PM PST
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[n/a] Freethinker1602 @ | 8-Jan-04/6:29 PM | Reply
slightly sadomassochistic not too shabby... I was jeez not another child of nature then I was like yay when I read it... kind of made me laugh
[n/a] the codeine kid @ | 2-Jun-04/1:38 PM | Reply
i love the narcotic...robotic (ally) bit. full marks for even thinking you could get away with it. and also the line about "emotions welling" most people would have gone on to rhyme it with "penis swelling" or summat but lead us astray ther reign us back in with "she put her hands across my mouth to try and stop me yelling" genius!keep up the squiggling and squirming!!!
[n/a] titan69 @ > the codeine kid | 2-Jun-04/3:13 PM | Reply
thanks very mutch! Its nice to see somone who reads these
poems for what they are.You will find that narrow minded people
will not understand my glad to see you did.
[4] sliver @ | 2-Jun-04/3:26 PM | Reply
They walked as if robotic? seems to fit better.
[n/a] titan69 @ > sliver | 4-Jun-04/12:19 PM | Reply
thanks i think you could be right I had quite a bit of trouble
and some mental blocks with this word!
[10] zodiac @ | 25-Mar-05/10:10 PM | Reply
The best part is "pail moonlight".
[n/a] INTRANSIT @ | 21-Nov-07/6:22 AM | Reply
your stile? that much is right.
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