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Picture(Me & You) (Lyric) by LuV_jOhNnY
Theres a picture of you and me on the table beside my bed I stare deep into your eyes and thoughts flood my head So many memories from so long ago that are now dead Whatever happened to the good times Times of simplicity and your hand in mine The times of our youth are now long gone Now everythings so screwed up and you and I no longer belong Together And I feels so wrong CHORUS: I'M ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKIN' IN ON YOUR FACE AND IT TAKES ME BACK TO A SIPMLER TIME, A SIMPLER PLACE YOU AND ME ME AND YOU YOU AND I TOGETHER I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IT COULDN'T POSSIBLY LAST FOREVER IN YOUR FACE THERES SO MANY MEMORIES I FIND THAT ARE SHARED BY YOUR MEMORY AND MINE A SIMPLER TIME YOURS AND MINE I SIMPLE PLACE HIDIN' IN THE PICTURE OF YOUR FACE Theres more oictures of you and I These photos make me think of our tradgety And then I cry Why did we let it happen (Or did we) Did we force us apart or was it destiny You've got new friends and I've got mine But my heart has a little hole deep inside Now it's like I can't even talk to you What the hell is a girl to do CHORUS Now theres a wall between us Who the hell built up all these bricks Theres no way to tear it down It's too high up now CHORUS Take our picture off the table I won't look at it again until I'm able

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Down the ladder: Dreams of Nothingness

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Posted: January 5, 2004 12:55 PM PST; Last modified: January 5, 2004 12:55 PM PST
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