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Ode to a Pizza Hut Roach (Ode) by http://mulberryfairy
Determined little one her species existence has seen many others come and go: Her ancestors picked their bones Clean. We have tried to destroy her family, even her. The Orkin man comes every two weeks, feigning systematic, scientific methods, spraying his poison behind the cabinet of paper towels, under the salad bar, over the dishwasher, between the booths. Her frantic beating of water is doing little to keep her head above the hurricane of the sink. Bits of floating week-old mushrooms provide unreliable support. She reaches for them like a child clinging to a slippery beach ball in the deep end. The oily, orange, French-dressing water has cruelly slicked back one of her antennae. The only lives worth saving are inoccent, uncorrupted lives: Babies, animals...roaches. I aim the tip of the crunchy dishtowel in front of her squirming legs. She attaches herself to the dirty rag immediately. I lift her out of the slimy, stinking water. Her resilience astounds me, her soaking body gains strength and speed as she dries from the climb up the towel toward...MY HAND! I reflexively swat her down. She lands on the floor next to a stale crouton. Startled but strong, she escapes under the counter: a counter that the Orkin man hasn't sprayed, and which is covered with pizza crumbs and crusty sausage bits. She is probably going to make babies, I think, smiling, Noble.

Down the ladder: On Looking Back

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Posted: July 12, 2003 7:40 AM PDT; Last modified: July 12, 2003 7:40 AM PDT
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[9] SupremeDreamer @ | 12-Jul-03/7:59 AM | Reply
Pretty good read, managed to make a roach interesting to read about. blessed with 9.
[8] EAger to Offend @ | 12-Jul-03/4:42 PM | Reply
Very cool. I have always thought that noone else but I could sympathize with insects.
The stanza refering to roaches as innocent, uncorrupted lives worthy of saving was perfect.
8's Ahoy!
[10] Dan garcia-Black @ | 27-Jul-03/11:49 AM | Reply
The Orkin man's Dna will long be gone before "Mamaroach" finishes her crouton.
Don't he know what spraying poisen can do
To him, to us, to me and you?
Silly contract killers.

Dan garcia-Black "Son of Roachmama"
[4] god'swife @ | 27-Jul-03/12:02 PM | Reply
Oh, so you know which lives are worth saving and which aren't? Interesting. This isn't poetry, it's a manifesto. I think short story or any prose form is more your style.
[n/a] http://mulberryfairy @ > god'swife | 27-Jul-03/1:42 PM | Reply
Yeah, I know, that is why I am a social worker, not a poet.
[n/a] peaceseeker @ | 23-Aug-03/11:02 AM | Reply
I have roaches in my building, for the first time in my life. Some have, like, twenty legs, long antennae, and spots.
I would describe the roaches.
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