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Nadine (Free verse) by nentwined
The wave crashes laughing Fiercely loving The rocky shore. A quantum rainbow iridescent Always forever just that moment Folded back into the dark.

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Down the ladder: The Midnight that Wanders

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Arithmetic Mean: 8.5
Weighted score: 5.1659904
Overall Rank: 5059
Posted: December 16, 2020 10:51 AM PST; Last modified: December 16, 2020 10:51 AM PST
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[8] Dovina @ | 16-Dec-20/2:50 PM | Reply
She must be or have been a fierce woman, a crashing wave. Remembered and folded, now written about. Or I could be completely wrong. Just a first impression
[n/a] nentwined @ > Dovina | 16-Dec-20/3:01 PM | Reply
Not wrong at all, gone too soon.
[8] Dovina @ | 16-Dec-20/5:51 PM | Reply
A poetry workshop this evening
allows bringing an outside poem
bringing yours, I requested comments
giving no personal info on you,
and none of our discussion.

They thought the first verse joins the title somehow.
they say it describes Nadine,
that she or it, is a bit wild.

Something happened, they say, before the third verse
something that lasts forever, and is always remembered
so the apparent redundancy of the two words is not.

The last verse, they said,
reinforces importance of the memory.
they like this verse best.

The "quantum" verse was not well understood
nor do I fully get it.
but memory is like that,
takes metaphoric form sometimes
a life remembered as a rainbow
something in quantum space

[n/a] nentwined @ > Dovina | 16-Dec-20/7:21 PM | Reply
This may be the alcohol speaking (reasons) but thank you. I love your poetry group, and thank you. :)
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