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Flickering Eyes (Other) by Jessina
Life ticks in mazy motion Stretches like zigzag boulevards Traverses through murky woods and hills; Aimless it flows- Never-ending it’s winding course. For sun kissed meads and flower decked plains Fervently longed my jolly heart Untimely loomed a shroud of hoarfrost Withering my tiny twigs Seizing the splendour of my dazzling eyes; Hither and thither; I wandered lonely. For splendid caring eyes To quietly hum the twinge of my throbbing soul To furtively share the glee of my petite life Swiftly I met two winking eyes Eyes of ineffable love and care Shimmering like emeralds and sapphires Bestowed on me vibes of sunny hopes Slowly my eyes began to natter Tales of endless pain Odd to those tranquil eyes Gently gazed me for countless days Giving me glowing peace and ease Sprinkling amazing love and care Ever so balming and rare; Surely but slowly those flickering eyes Began to cast and shine elsewhere; Headed for an unknown sphere For reasons mere bizarre Smashing my cagily knit dreams Twitchily I searched for those winking eyes Amid the endless skies Glinting myriad eyes winked at me No where were those luring eyes Twinkled for me in my yesteryears Tears rolled down my cheeks Like surging streams to my toe Waning the glitter of my eyes Wilting my tender wings Where are you now? Echoed my feeble tone Can you hear my gentle call? In that far-flung land, miles and miles away I cannot reach dear there That trail is out-of-the-way Though I long to be there Secluded I sit here, nodding my head In a pensive mood Of those gorgeous times Yearning to spot those flashing eyes Would it be mine? I asked myself Never ever I muse Thine eyes would meet mine In the realms of real reality…neither Nor in the near future

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Posted: December 13, 2007 10:59 PM PST; Last modified: December 18, 2007 3:50 AM PST
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[n/a] Prince of Void @ | 27-Dec-07/8:46 AM | Reply
The dream that has changed world
The dream had snowed my mind
Where the shining was about to reflect beyond
On the mount of where the divinity was born
The infinity of love has fathomed all horizons
The exitance was not contained of this world

The world Where these two worlds’ve been lost
It’s time my longing eyes are raining my heart
And my lips are kissing my soul to fly away
To where it belongs as it’s following the dove
but my love is still trying to keep world away
from wars making all decayding days
from fears making that dream fade away
in this human greed just ashes will remain
nothing more than a fist can be gained
once there was a heart
now there is love last forever
The love is giving the peace
to those seekers of peace and love

Mery christmas ...and thanx for ur comments
and also ur beautiful poems has enchanted my mind and my heart
[n/a] Jessina @ > Prince of Void | 31-Dec-07/12:24 AM | Reply
Thanks ....

Is my poems that much enchanting......Thanks for your appreciation
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