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Polar Bearings (Free verse) by impert&ent
If you drew a line right round this earth It would pass between us Like a crack in the shell of a great brown egg A few more rotations and your chicks will leave home Making fragments of your world Drawing new creases around your brow We follow those lines with every day of our lives Living along and in between Not sure if ends meet or paths cross But believing in the line is easier than taking a dive From this bit of shell And swimming free

Up the ladder: Prepropositioned pudding
Down the ladder: end of the engagement

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Arithmetic Mean: 5.571429
Weighted score: 5.153681
Overall Rank: 5204
Posted: July 25, 2005 11:35 AM PDT; Last modified: July 25, 2005 11:35 AM PDT
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[8] T. Jonathron Remp @ | 25-Jul-05/12:54 PM | Reply
And out of this egg would come lifegoo suspending quite an enormous young megaturtle
[n/a] impert&ent @ > T. Jonathron Remp | 25-Jul-05/2:00 PM | Reply
Basically. With the possible addition of some golly wogs and funny hats.
[9] LilMsLadyPoet @ | 26-Jul-05/10:22 PM | Reply
YESss! Woo-Hoo!!!!! Two thumbs up!
[10] zodiac @ | 29-Jul-05/4:30 AM | Reply
Seriously, that's kind of clever. Because the only way you couldn't draw a line around the earth to pass between two objects is if one was on top of the other.
[n/a] impert&ent @ > zodiac | 29-Jul-05/5:17 AM | Reply
Thanks for the kudos... but the two objects could both be on one side of a line, like Belfast and Buenos Aires are both on the west side of the Greenwich meridian.

It gets trickier with regard to things that are on both sides of a line, like London. Or a marriage.
[10] zodiac @ > impert&ent | 31-Jul-05/1:49 AM | Reply
That's not what you said.

Consider this: I am sitting about six inches from my cup of coffee. Can a line be drawn around the Earth which passes between us? Yes. An infinite number can.
[n/a] impert&ent @ > zodiac | 1-Aug-05/7:46 AM | Reply
I've got two questions about this.

1. Which part of what I said?
2. Of those infinite lines, how many definite lines would you draw between you and the coffee, and how many would you draw on the other side of you and the coffee, but between (you+coffee) and I? None? One? Many?
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