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Meditations on a Human Skeleton in a Museum (Sonnet) by Sasha
"This comunal animal is an omnivore and consumes anything digestible and some things that are not. Vegitables, fruits, nuts, all vertebrates, insects, shellfish, seaweed, alcohol and refined chemicals are all ingested. Humans may be cooperative in their home territory but frequently quarrel and have agressive attitudes toward those who displease them." -Plaque above a human skeleton in the Iowa City Museum of Natural Sciences Where the mad ocean breaks his teeth on stone, what were you, man, when you fell down for dead? Did you fish by the rock-pale shore, alone, and slip and cut that canyon in your head? Or where wild wind beats woodlands with his fist, did that wolf next to you rear to attack? What were you when the stone-cut arrow missed and fanged teeth turned to daggars in your back? What are you now, on display for your sons who gaze at you, at what we are and were, more naked than the playboy bunnies that stir what you lack up and down? Whose money runs your immortality? You’re dead, and still you’ll live far longer than I ever will.

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Weighted score: 5.3073616
Overall Rank: 3638
Posted: August 1, 2004 3:20 PM PDT; Last modified: August 1, 2004 3:23 PM PDT
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[7] Prince of Void @ | 1-Aug-04/3:23 PM | Reply
that's nice sonnet ..really
[9] Dovina @ | 1-Aug-04/3:36 PM | Reply
A good thoughtful ramble.
Line 1, do you mean "your teeth"?
Might want to reconsider, "Whose money runs your immortality?" It throws in a new thought, maybe not needed. And if it's a sonnet, might want to reconsider the indentation and line break.
[6] Blue Magpie @ | 5-Sep-04/9:19 AM | Reply
5 for the thought.
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